Τετάρτη, 30 Μαΐου 2012

World's thinnest smartphone

The Chinese company Oppo presented its new smartphone which is the thinnest in the world, only 6,65mm.
Oppo Finder comes to take Huawei P1 S (6,7mm) place.
Oppo Finder will run 4.0.3 ICS on its dual core 1,5Ghz proccessor and 1GB RAM.
Finally on its back there will be an 8MP camera 1080p video, its front a 1,3MP for video-calls and its screen of course an Super Amoled Plus. Oppo Finder will go on the Chinese market around June at the price of 630 dollars.

Tim Cook turns against Windows 8

Tim Cook states that it is not possible to create an operating system that works evenly well on both tablets and PCs. ' The way I see it, tablet and PC are two completely different things. You can do things with a tablet if you are not encumbered by the legacy of the PC. If you merge those two, netheor the PC nor the tablet will be good enough.'
Apparently, everyone at Microsoft will try to disprove Cook by creating a flawless operating system so that Steve Ballmer could come out and say that 'if Apple cannot do it, it does not mean it cannot be done'.

A taste of iPhone 5

9to5Mac website published photos of what seems to be a prototype of an iPhone 5.
Although, Apple already rejected that prototype we can make some guesses about Apple's intentions. First of all, the screen is finally larger, around 4 inches with a metal exterior and a unibody design. Now all we can do is wait and find out whether any of those changes will remain on the final product.

Dell XPS27 vs iMac

This is not Dell's first all-in-one PC, but it's by far the best and it's worth comparing to Apple's iMac.
It has a 27 inch widescreen with 'Full Quad HD' 2560 x 1440 resolution, a wireless mouse and keyboard and a metal finishing.
The XPS 27 is one of Dell's first products that are equiped with 3rd generation Intel cores (Ivy Bridge). You can choose between a Core i5 and a i7 and if you are a demanding user you can choose the optional GeForce GT 640M Nvidia.
In addition, XPS 27 has a 4 GB RAM expandable up to 16 GB and a 1 TB hard drive (up to 2TB) with an optional 32GB SSD drive.
As for input/output: 4 USB 3.0, 2 USB 2.0, HDMI, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi.

Τρίτη, 29 Μαΐου 2012

LG display for smartphones

LG announced a new 5 inch display for smartphones with 1920 x 1080 resolution and up to 440ppi density. This new display will certainly make us forget all about Apple's Retina and it is 70% better then the former best display made in Korea. 

Waterproof Smartphones

Nokia is working on a new technology to make smartphones waterproof. The Nokia Research Center of Cambridge is developing a new layer to go on the future smartphones that makes them waterproof, thanks to nanotechnology. This layer is called Teflon and they are testing it on a Lumia 710.

Quad-core LG smartphones

New information on LG's new high-end device E970 (LS970 U.S). It will probably be equiped with a quad-core Snapdragon S4 from Qualcomm at 1,5Ghz and 2 GB of RAM! As for graphics, we expect an Adreno 320 new generation system. The 4,7 inch screen will have 1280 x 768 resolution and on the device's back a 13MP camera! 

Facebook Smartphone

Rumor has it that Facebook is working on its own smartphone. According to New York Times, the company is working hard to release the smartphone by 2013. Specifically Facebook hired people that are familiar with Apple's software and hardware. The smartphone will be produced by HTC and its name, Buffy.

Malware Alert!

According to experts from the Kaspersky Labs there is a new malware threat. The malware with the code name Flame was found in many countries. Some of them are: Iran, Israel, Sudan, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. This new malware reminds us the Stuxnet malware, its target being the nuclear facilities of Iran. In contrast to Stuxnet, Flame is a toolkit that records all conversations, everything you type, takes screenshots and informs its creators.
Experts say that its a very complicated malware that only few could create. In other words they suggest that some countries secret services could be involved.

Makey Makey

Graduates for MIT's Media Labs have found a way to turn everything into controls-keyboard! This is quite an amazing new feature that anyone can use through their USB port.

No more netbooks from Toshiba

The Japanese company Toshiba announced that will stop the production of netbooks for the U.S. Toshiba is not the only one though, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and Sony have stopped the presentation of new models for a while. The only ones left for now in the market are Asus, Acer and HP. It seems like netbooks are history since have been replaced by tablets and Ultrabooks.

AMD-FX8150 overclocked at 9Ghz

The overclocker with the nickname ksin uploaded on his database some interesting results. The FX-8150 with eight cores, which was tested from PC Labs, has broken the barrier of 9Ghz.
The test took place on mobo Asus Crosshair Formula V system with 4GB DDR memory and an AMD Radeon HD 7900. To cool down the system they used liquid nitrogen. The clock finally froze at 9062,43Mhz.

Δευτέρα, 28 Μαΐου 2012

Android and iOS represent 82% of the market

As we know there are many different mobile software to choose from. Nevertheless, just two of them Android and iOS, represent 82% of the market. The Android owns about 59% and iOS around 23%, but it's not fair to compare since the iOS exists only on the iPhone while Android runs on hundreds of different devices.

Σάββατο, 26 Μαΐου 2012

199$ Quadcore Android Tablet

After Amazon's Kindle Fire presentation, Nvidia annouces tablets that will cost no more than 199$! It's about a new platform 'Kai' on which these quadcore Android tablets will be based on and it will be similar to the Tegra 3.
Nvidia stated that in order to manufacture Kai it will be used a chip similar to Tegra 3 with a much lower cost while it will support new technology for less battery usage. We still don't know the manufacturers that will work on this 'Kai' platform but rumor has it that on the CES 2012 Nvidia and Asus agreed to work on a quadcore ME370T tablet based on Kai and also that the Nexus tablet is based on Kai too.

Jailbreak iOS 5.1.1 for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

The untether jailbreak for the latest iOS 5.1.1 is available for Apple's devices that already have this version of iOS. It allows you to install the 'Cydia' on your device which unlocks Apple's file system and gives you the ability to install apps that are normally not aloud through the App Store. Devices that work with the Jailbreak are for now iPhone 3GS/4/4S, iPad/iPad 2/New iPad and iPod Touch 3/4 generation. Apple TV and the latest version iPad 2 (with 32nm chipset) won't work for now with Untether Jailbreak.
In order to achieve the Jailbreak the two greatest hacking teams, Chronic Dev Team and iPhone Dev Team worked together and created Absinthe. Absinthe 2.0 is available for OS X(10.5, 10.6, 10.7), Windows (XP/Vista/7) and Linux. More on how to install:   Link -> ABSINTHE

80 inch screen Tablet?

Usually when we referto Windows 8 it's normally a tablet, smartphone or even notebook. What about something a lot bigger though?
Wired.co.uk claims that Steve Ballmer, CEO of Microsoft has in his office an 80 inch touch screen with Windows 8. The leak supposingly came from the vice-president Frank Shaw who seems to have stated that ' Steve  Ballmer has a huge 80 inch Windows 8 touch-screen. He through away his phone and notebook and hang the screen it on the wall.' A while back at the CES 2012 Sharp presented their own 80 inch touch screen but Shaw claims Ballmer's screen isn't manufactured from Sharp.

Nokia with Symbian until 2016

We heard about Nokia and Microsoft working together on Windows Phone, but it wasn't clear what it would happen to Symbian. The fact is that they got us thinking Symbian would come to an end and Nokia would carry on with Windows Phone.
That is far from true according to what Mattia Fiorin posted on his blog. Nokia will still update and work on Symbian until 2016. That doesn't mean that Symbian will be extinct after 2016, just that this will be the year Nokia will decide all over again its course.
Mattia Fiorin explains that if the company actually wanted to stop Symbian, they wouldn't have created the 808 with 41MP camera. Instead the camera would be used on a Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Παρασκευή, 25 Μαΐου 2012

Video of Google Project Glass!

This project still seems to many like something that came out of a science fiction movie, but it's not!
The Project Glass by Google is real and its ambition is to replace the smartphones and some of their  features without using your hands. These glasses will have a camera, microphone, motion sensors and will support 3G-4G connection to send and receive data in real time. After many trials and tests Google uploaded a video on  Google+, the FIRST VIDEO about Project Glass. Duration: 15sec Quality: 720p.

Dell Windows 8 tablet

Dell is working on a new Windows 8 tablet with a 10,8 inch screen and 1366 x 768 resolution.
This new device will have an Atom dual core, finger print scan, graphics by Intel, 2 GB of RAM, 128 GB SSD hard drive and Windows 8. It will look something like the Dell Latitude ST only better. Another key feature on this tablet will be its battery. Two battery types will be available: 1 lasting 6-8 hours and 1 10-12 hours. According to latest rumors the device will go on the market this fall.

Πέμπτη, 24 Μαΐου 2012

Apple now supports stylus?

The company whose owner used to snob stylus now supports this gadget. Of course Apple's stylus is not like the other. Rumor has it that it will have a special sensor and camera on it.
We all remember:

Google Tablet

There is some new information about the Google tablet that everyone is waiting for and it seems that it will be announced in July. Its size will be relatively small, only 7 inches designed by Asus. We still don't know the specs and price. What we can say for sure is that it will be quad-core running Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Τετάρτη, 23 Μαΐου 2012

Galaxy S2 Benchmarks

Galaxy S2 4.0.3 ICS Android Quadrant and AnTuTu Benchmarks. Won fair the title phone of the year 2011 and I am pretty sure its successor Galaxy S3 has a good chance of winning this year's though it's soon to tell.

Galaxy S+ Benchmarks

Galaxy S+ Benchmarks on 2.3.3 Android. Not overclocked or anything. Not the greatest phone but at that price I would definately recommend it.

Battle between mobile software

It seems that the battle between mobile software is far from coming to an end. On the one hand there is Android, iOS and Windows Phone that is trying to get in the game. On the other hand we have the upcoming softwares. CyanogenMod which seems to be aiming a different direction than Android, Boot2Gecko by Mozilla and ofcourse Tizen and Ubuntu Phone OS!

  • iOS-Apple: and very popular software for portable devices.
  • Android-Google: not quite open source. Google own's the rights but it's aloud for others to modify and use.
  • Windows Phone-Microsoft: Not that popular yet with limited apps on the market. Microsoft is trying to support its software with the help of Nokia which abandons the old Symbian. It will not be easy for them but there is hope.
  • Ubuntu OS-Canonical: Looking forward for Canonical to work with portable devices.
  • Boot2Gecko-Mozilla: It's quite a different aproach. Already has the support of some companies but we don't know how the market will feel. Despite the fact that it's based on Linux it won't be compatible to Android.
  • Tizen-Open Source: Based on Linux. Supported by Samsung, Intel and Linux Foundation. Samsung is probably wants more options than only Google and Android, since Samsung bought Motorola Mobility and from now on is also a hardware company. Rumor has it that Tizen will be compatible to Android.
  • CyanogenMod: Theoretically is an android version. Recently its developing team changel the logo and it seems that they will continue on their own.
  • Windows Mobile: Microsoft's previous attempt on mobile software.
  • Symbian-Nokia: Nokia will stop using Symbian and focus turn to Windows Phone software.
  • Blackberry OS: It seems to have no future.
  • WebOS: HP's contribude to mobile software. Did not went well.
Interesting fact is that in the upcoming future we will see portable devices with x86 instead of ARM. Intel is about to announce some tablets-laptops. If this works out there will be no reason for us to use mobile softwares and just use Windows, Mac OS or Linux. This will benefit both users and developers.

No antivirus for iOS

Eugene Kaspersky was unpleasantly surprised with Apple's announcement Kaspersky won't be aloud to make any kind of antivirus protection software for the iOS. He stated that this announcement will trigger developers to create viruses for the iOS. Nevertheless, Apple will not accept that iOS has security bridges and its users might be harmed. Truth be told, in comparison to Android attacks against iOS are near to nothing. Even so some developers could manage upload harmful software at the Store. On top of that, many users install 3rd party software and it would help if there was an antivirus app to protect them. Apple has made its mind for now, but you never know what the future holds.

Android PC

The first really cheap PC have started to make their appearence. Raspberry Pi was first at the price of 39 dollars. Now VIA revealed its plans about a new cheap PC that will be sold 49 dollars.
The new PC's dimensions: 6,7 x 3,3 inches and according to the company it will adapt on every Mini-ATX or microATX and will require only 13,5 Watt which is 10 times less than a typical PC.
APC will run android 2.3, on VIA 800 Mhz, memory 512 MB DDR3 and 2 GB storage.
It will have on a 2D/3D 720p graphic card and HDMI, VGA, 4 x USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100, microSD exits.

Changes at Windows 8 boot menu

The boot menu of windows 8 is going to be a lot different than what we are used to over the last years. Unlike all the new features of Windows 8 the new boot menu came up and wasn't actually planned by Microsoft.
The reason is that Windows 8 will boot a lot faster, so there won't be enough time to hit the boot menu button. To quote Chris Clark of Microsoft: "When you open a Windows 8 PC there is not enough time to hit keys like F2 or F8, let alone read the message saying Press F2 for Setup. For the first time after decates the user will not be able to enter the boot menu like he used to."
The new boot menu will appear only when the PC crashes or faces an error at start up. In addition, the user will gain access to the boot menu:
  1. when rebooting while pressing the Shift key.
  2. through Command Prompt
  3. through Advanced Start Up at PC Settings

S-Voice beats Siri

S-Voice and Siri are the two best voice assistants for the two most popular smartphones and it is expected that people will want to know which one is better. After reveiling the Samsung Galaxy SIII due to Samsung's new voice assistance many wondered if it could compete with Apple's Siri. So the site mobile-review posted a video in which the user doesn't have English or American accent. It seems that S-Voice won at most points. See for yourselves:

Leaked Info About the New iPhone

New information came to light about the new iPhone. Apple is still working on the screen size, well at first the plan was a 4 inch screen and now they are considering a 3,9 inch screen 16:9 which is better for video playback. The width hopefully will stay the same and the height might grow a bit. The iOS 6  is going to stay pretty much the same and the USB port should became a bit thinner giving it more of a microUSB feel.

Κυριακή, 20 Μαΐου 2012

Innovation at Google's Search Engine

Until now google's search engine was based on key-words and questions. The problem was that each word could have different meaning depending on the context.
In order to face that issue Google developed the Knowing Graph, an intelligent model that will be used gradually in the search. The target is to understand the words and their meaning.
For example if you search "Apple" you could either mean the company or the fruit. Using the Knowing Graph it will be able to distinguise whether you meant the company or the fruit.
Knowledge Graph uses information from sources like Wikipedia, Freebase or even CIA and includes more than 500 million objects and more than 3,5 billion pieces of information about those objects and the relations between them.

Introducing the Knowledge Graph:

Nokia Lumia 610

The new Nokia Lumia 610 with its great price will try to welcome young people to the world of Windows Phone.  With the PeopleHub you will be able to control all your social account easily, like email, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn. You can use the Internet Explorer to browse the web and connect to games through X-BOX live. Lumia 610 also provides Wi-Fi tethering and flip-to-silence. 

It is equiped with Nokia maps and Nokia Drive and the ability to choose between thousands of apps at the Windows Phone marketplace. The lumia 610 is designed to provide with a great quality feel.

The Nokia Lumia 610 is a great smartphone for students, who we believe they will appreciate the already installed Microsoft Office(Word mobile, PowerPoint mobile, Excel mobile and OneNote mobile) and Skydrive. The Nokia Lumia 610 will be available in black, cyan, magenda and white. Retail price: around 239 euro. 

Angry Birds Heikki

The new angry birds Heikki is named after a Formula1 driver from Finland Heikki Kovalainen. Rumor has it that it will come out around June 18. As you can tell the whole concept has to do with racing and it has nothing to do with what we were used to, based on Rovio's Angry Birds. The new Angry Birds Heikki will be a web-based game and you will be able to play it on your browser.

Asus Padfone

Asus has managed to create once more a unique product. This time is something like Tablet + Smartphone + Dock All In One. It is equiped with a dual core 1,5Ghz Snapdragon S4, a Super-Amoled 4,3 inch screen (10,1inch the tablet) and an 8 megapixel camera.

Get to know it:

Mozilla Firefox available for Android

The new beta version of the Mozilla Firefox is here and you can download it at Google Play. Also Mozilla has made many improvements to provide us a fast browser with mobile Flash plug-in. If you own an Android with at least the 2.2 version then you are qualified to download it to your phone! 

LG Optimus 4X HD vs One X

The LG Optimus 4X HD is now here and you can see a benchmark test vs One X:

It's also a quad-core devise with an LCD True HD IPS, screen resolution:1280x720 4,7inches. We expect it to be available on the market mid-June. Optimus 4X also has the new interface Optimus UI 3.0 and Android 4.0.3.

HTC Desire C

The new Desire C has been released. It's smart, small and has a great design. It is highly recommended for an average user.
The specs are:

SIZE107.2 x 60.6mm x 11.95mm
WEIGHT: 98gr with battery
DISPLAY: 3,5 inches touch screnn
SCREEN: 320x480
CPU: 600MHz
Platform: Android 4.0 with HTC Sense 4
Memory: Total Storage:4 GB, RAM: 512MB
SENSORS: Proximity Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor, G-Sensor
CAMERA: 5 megapixel
SOUND: Beats Audio
BATTERY: 1230 mAh

7% of Chinese smartphones-Windows Phone

Windows phone has conquered 7% of the Chinese market, a small percentage but a big number if you take under consideration the population. Also as far as we know only 6% own iPhones, but it is not fair to compare since iPhones are not normally sold in China. It is worth mentioning that 70% of Chinese smartphones are Android phones.

9 million pre-ordered Galxy 3

Samsung seems to already have sold 9 million Galaxy 3, the new smartphone which was recently presented at a special event in London. This was expected keeping in mind the phone's excelent features and hardware.

Τρίτη, 15 Μαΐου 2012


Samsung still amazes us... 

Galaxy S2 won 20 million people all over the world. Let's see how many will go for the S3.. My guess, even more dispite its size.


Battery -s3 wins
camera-s3 wins
processor,gpu-s3 wins
display-better display on hox,but s3 is better under sunlight
degsin-one x
storage-s3 wins (no doubt)
overall-s3 won 4 times out of6 one x won 1 time display was a draw, also music clarity is better on s3 than on one x and in the end there is ui which could make diffrence for you,but there are many lauchers too,other features are also there for s3

Galaxy Note

Size Matters...

All this time I've heard all about how the perfect size is between 3,5-4 inches. I must say that it's true, phones with more than 4'' screen are not exactly phones but that's supposed to be GOOD! Everybody knows that if you simply want a phone then maybe a smartphone is not for you.. ;)  My smartphone tends to replace my laptop when I am at the university, not to mention all the extra features it provides. If you love gadgets and technology which I believe you do since you are reading this blog, then my opinion is that the more pixels the merrier. Of course there is a limit to that which Samsung might have set and that is about 5,3'' because more than that you cant fit in your pocket... So if not much of a quad-core phone enthousiast Galaxy Note might be the one for you:

And don't forget to explore the amazing features that Note's S-Pen provides... It can really do amazing stuff.

video source:gsmarena

Nokia X7 Update Belle

Recently I updated a friends Nokia X7-00. To begin with, I used to be a huge Nokia fan and I still 'kind of' am. I used to buy every Nokia symbian phone back then when symbian was the only software where you could install apps or .js games! :)  They make quality products that I managed to fix even after my phone went for a 5' swim. Nowadays of course I am more of an Android and iOS fan, but I'm looking forward to the future  windows smartphones from nokia (even thinkinh of going on a seminar at my university to learn about developing on the new Windows 8). Back to our X7-00 though, a friend of mine bought it about 6months ago and i must say I hated it. Being a Galaxy S2 owner, every time I used the X7 which was a bit too laggy I suffered. About a month ago I updated it to Nokia Belle and I must say that it is worth updating guys. Totally different phone. Now it's a lot smoother and faster and I must say I even managed to enter the Apps folder without it freezing for 1minute!!! So nice job with the update Nokia, though there is no future I believe in Symbian OS.  

Κυριακή, 6 Μαΐου 2012

Iphone 5 Rumors

Rumor has it that the new iphone will be 10mm taller then the previous one. iLounge.com has info that the new dimensions will be 125x58.5x7.4mm. Don't forget though, that in the past most rumors about the previous iphones where untrue. So as always we will just be patient and wait to explore the new iphone ourselves.

Greek Source: http://www.sarc.gr/readmore.php?id=433496&grp=219664

Galaxy S2 ICS

Finally the android 4.03 update, arrived for the Galaxy S2.

I must say the update was everything I expected. The phone is a lot smoother and a lot faster. There are a few bugs though but all in good time.. I for example live in Greece and in the Greek version they seem to have forgotten something in German. Ok I admit that its a bit tragic but you are most likely to understand what "vibrieren und klingeln" stands for even if you don't speak German..
Finally I don't know if it's just me but I believe that they should have upgraded the Touchwiz as well, cause although I have got used to it and it's so easy to use and smooth I would like to see same changes on the graphics so you don't get bored of your phone. Of course you can always download a different launcher since that's the beauty of Google's Android.

Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung recently announced the galaxy S3. To be honest as a former owner of the galaxy S and galaxy S2 I could say I got Samsunged. Since the only quadcore smartphones that are worth mentioning is HTC One X and the galaxy S3 we could say that for now, there is not enough competition out there for those two yet.

  • Dimensions: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.6mm
  • Wight: 133 grams
  • Display: 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED (1280×720) ; Pentile (no Plus);
  • Processor: Exynos 4 Quad @ 1.4Ghz for HSPA version
  • Rear Camera: 8MP Autofocus, Flash, Zero Lag Shutter BSI Image sensor
  • Front Camera: 1.9 MP HD, Flash, Zero Lag Shutter
  • Video: Full HD 1080p Recording and Playback
  • Storage: 16GB/32GB/64GB
  • Battery: 2,100mAh
  • Connectivity: GPS with GLONASS
  • Networking: 802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC, Bluetooth 4
  • Storage: Available in 16/32/64GB and supports microSD expansion
  • Other: 21Mbps HSPA, LTE supported and Micro SIM
  • Operating System: Android 4.0.4